@hackerfantastic one day this will be true. We have smart fridges already, your yoghurt is under threat from the h4x0rz!

@thegibson @hackerfantastic My oven often won't turn off and it's not even connected to the Internet. The touch screen died, and even though there are knobs they can't be used to turn it off. I have to turn off the breaker.

@freakazoid @TheGibson @hackerfantastic our ovens temp sensor broke, so it keeps thinking the oven’s overheated and turning itself off

@hackerfantastic i'd be more worried about my router telling me that, than my oven, tbh...

@hackerfantastic Be vewy vewy qwiet... I'm hunting Shrodiger's Jenkins tasks...

build system ish 

@drwho @hackerfantastic ...have you heard the good news about our dord and savior Laminar CI?

Because after using it for a week, I wiped my Jenkins instance and never looked back.

It's just that much better.

re: build system ish 

@eryn @hackerfantastic No, I haven't. Thank you. That said, I can't replace a megacorp's CI/CD infrastructure. I'm not entirely sure there's anyone here who underStands all of it anymore.


I have a so-called connected oven.

It might be the stupidest thing I've ever seen. Oh, it goes out and connects, there is an app, all that jazz...But it won't get its time from the internet. Even the slightest brownout that doesn't effect the microwave will knock the time off of it. WTF?

If it got hacked, that would be the most interesting thing its done yet.

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