Adding "achieve remote code execution on a UFO" to my bucket list, I blame the history channel. Hack the planets!

@thegibson I hope it goes exactly like that, Will Smith would make an awesome end of the world friend!

@thegibson UFO's are so advanced but I bet they are running the extraterrestrial equivalent of Windows XP embedded... :P

@thegibson yeah but all I want to know is what their version of a BSoD looks like.... :))) we don't have to upgrade it so much as CRASH IT FROM THE SKY!

@hackerfantastic right!

I mean they would obviously not expect a “sophisticated cyber attack” from a primitive species... exploit their noble superiority complex... and phish then on principle.

@thegibson and if these youtube videos have any truth in them that we reverse engineered the transistor from Roswell, we might be able to loot it before the Army does and crack Quantum Computing before China. ;-)

@thor exactly like that but with more 3D graphics and more skulls heads.

@fc it could be the theme for an entire CTF.... oh no, look at what you made me think about doing ....🙈

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