How come corporations are allowed to leak their data onto the Internet without reprisal, yet when you help leak their data it’s a crime? ​:htp:

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'cause they're bigger than we are and could take us in a fist-fight.

@hackerfantastic why is it they let it leak sometimes when they can’t legally sell it?

@thegibson media / & or public relations, it’s always opportune to capitalize in life. I don’t mind that they do tho, I like leaks.

@hackerfantastic For sure. It's just a model most people don't really consider, or politely turn a blind eye toward.

@thegibson its a fun fact that not every breach results in bankruptcy and in many cases post-breach companies (dependent on industry) actually see an increase in profits through new business won from any publicity, negative or positive.


Especially for the big boys.

Funny, breach as an advertising campaign, who knew?

How many times I have heard from someone, "Well They'll be really secure now after that happened!"


@thegibson I saw a talk by the dragons den security founder Robert, I met him very briefly at an event. He said a nice quote, “my wife said to me you’ve been in information security for 25 years and you’ve still not solved it?” - the treatment is better than the cure to business and the level of sophistication needed increases daily. We look at all this far too critically, it’s my belief that hackers who are public spirited in their actions are a large part of the solution.

@thegibson @hackerfantastic Apple certainly does.

Ever since the first Macintoshes, they're masters at the fine art of leaks and rumors as hype generating machines. Remember when the two iPhone prototypes were conveniently "found" at an airport restaurant one day?

@hackerfantastic because they didn't INTEND to leak it, they just happen to have left it out in the open with shoddy security and can't seemingly be held accountable for that negligence.

@silverhax agree strongly, it seems the US will jail a hacker for three lifetimes over yet willingly leaves its computers wide open to attack. Most people give 0cares about 0days yet millions of people rely on hackers and 0days to free them from the shackles of oppression placed upon them by tech goliaths.

@hackerfantastic For the same reason that Apple, Google, etc. don't publish their users' most private personal photos just because they have their fingers in everyone's hardware. Honestly, the reason it doesn't happen more is because no good can come of it. Some people are code watchdogs, barking at bad practices like privacy invasions and wasting resources (e.g. battery, CPU, storage). Some set traps and catch bad actors in the act of being bad. All just people, tho.

@hex i like that it’s people tho, it’s that sense of disappointment at humanity’s predictable nature. Be great if one day we get to hack a UFO 🛸 then it might not be people but E.T phishing my office365

@hackerfantastic lots of double standards out there... Such as "why a government or law enforcement agent wants you to obey/follow a " law" but then won't follow the same exact "law" themselves?"

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