How come corporations are allowed to leak their data onto the Internet without reprisal, yet when you help leak their data it’s a crime? ​:htp:

@hackerfantastic For the same reason that Apple, Google, etc. don't publish their users' most private personal photos just because they have their fingers in everyone's hardware. Honestly, the reason it doesn't happen more is because no good can come of it. Some people are code watchdogs, barking at bad practices like privacy invasions and wasting resources (e.g. battery, CPU, storage). Some set traps and catch bad actors in the act of being bad. All just people, tho.


@hex i like that it’s people tho, it’s that sense of disappointment at humanity’s predictable nature. Be great if one day we get to hack a UFO 🛸 then it might not be people but E.T phishing my office365

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