AIX 5.3L libc locale environment handling local root exploit, 0day bought to you via the letters “su” ;)

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@hackerfantastic is it even possible to obtain AIX 5.3 anymore, or did you just happen to have [access to] a really old system?

@adam I have an AIX 5.3L host in my lab, but I cannot find a reasonably priced AIX 6-7.2 system and the host I have does not appear to support anything above 5.3L. It's quite an old RS/6000 system and this OS is just something I have wanted to write exploits for and never had compilers or a debugger available. Now I have those and lots of bugs to explore, I would prefer a 7.2 host but until I can source one for a reasonable price we are stuck at 5.3L.

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