uHF is a virtual hacker-space, topics range from cybersecurity, ethical hacking, bug bounties, exploitation, reverse engineering and privacy. We will be holding bi-monthly online only meetups with occasional workshops on cybersecurity topics. We are using the US fraternity model to create an environment for people who enjoy computers and beer to network with and have fun, it is also a personal project of mine - you can find our virtual space & Matrix chatroom here

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Can't join the matrix room. It says I don't have access.

@wevifa5983 the room is federated and accessible from any Matrix instance, check with your homeserver provider that they permit federated access. The room uses encryption which is supported in both Weechat and Element.

@wevifa5983 if you are using the link off our homepage I might have configured it to preview via our homeserver which might be the error you're seeing, try to join it from your client using the path and you should be able to providing you are on a federated instance.

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