If you send a direct message to me on Mastodon, the only persons who will see it are you, me, your server admin, anyone else who happens to be in a privileged infrastructure position, the FBI, NSA, a dozen of my lawyers, my wife and possibly the neighbors kid who is hacking my wifi (he thinks he is cool and my honeypot appreciates the traffic). If you want to talk to me privately, please use my GPG key and consider joining Matrix which is a modern IRC. My personal contacts -

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@hackerfantastic Can your neighbor's kid be trusted? This is the only missing part in my risk assessment here.

@mkolsek put yourself in his shoes, he gets introduced to a 'hacker' from England and the first thing he does is try to hack my WiFi. I did the only honorable thing, built a network of UNIX boxes that sits behind an insecure WEP key with admin/admin as the password to more than one host. If he gets far enough I will give him an internship after we scare him with a quick traffic re-write and "FBI has traced this IP".... and no, the kids can't be trusted.

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