I moved from gVim to Atom as a cross-platform text editor a few years ago, have just learned that they are "sunsetting" the editor. I am a big fan of VSCode and Visual Studio in general, XCode on MacOS but these are more fully-featured IDE's. What text editors will run on Windows, Linux and MacOS that offered the same flexibility as Atom? Seeking recommendations before I just go back to GTK+Vim and die a little inside. More info on the sunset for Atom 😢

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@hackerfantastic there's Sublime Text, which used to be very popular before (i guess) VS Code took over. it's much more of a text editor than an IDE, but i found some features lacking, like LaTeX support.

@wednesday the problem with Sublime is that it's a payware application and I preferred Atom over Sublime. It's not a goto choice of editor for me, I should specify that I need an open-source editor.

@hackerfantastic If you are okey with freemium sublime. (I miss having access to source code but app is build solid and no monthly payment needed)

@anant I definitely cannot use sublime, it needs to be open-source and I just can't bring myself to pay for such a simple thing - I only really need something for notepad.exe and Textedit replacement that isn't ImHex.

@hackerfantastic In that case my suggestion would be to use vscode may be vscodium with minimal plugins in it as your base text editor. Visual studio / Xcode can still handle complex setups.

@hackerfantastic vscode without extensions is just a text editor tho

I’m surprised that doesn’t scratch the itch

@xyhhx I love VSCode and it definitely hits the spot for many purposes, but for just simple note taking and general editing of a text file, it's not my first choice - have been using Atom for that purpose.

@hackerfantastic @xyhhx Ahhh. For general note taking, it's Obsidian all the way. I have it synced via OneDrive and use it on my phone and all computers. Great if you're already familiar with Markdown, but not difficult to pick up anyway.

@hackerfantastic Please don't hate me, but if you are into Operating Systems you can also try Emacs 😂

@amarkulo but it is not open-source 😢 I should have specified that open-source or free software (GNU)/no-shareware is a requirement for it to be considered.

@hackerfantastic Yeah, the moment Microsoft bought GitHub it was clear that Atom was doomed. I hate relying on anything from Microsoft, but vscode is somehow attracting all the top tooling, so I've been trying to use it when I can. Still using vim like 90% of the time though. I also often find myself editing a file with vim from the vscode terminal. 🙃

@deanpierce that makes sense as to why it was sunset, disappointing because VSCode is awesome but it can really be a resource hog on low-cost SBC and when you have many VM machines open it isn't nice to have to load additional bloat when you just want to edit a flat text file.

@hackerfantastic +1 for Sublime Text (but for coding and code reviews I personally use vim or VS Code)

@raptor Vim and VS Code are the path I will be taking, I just hoped there was something !Sublime to replace Atom available. What a shame that they are sunsetting the editor.

@hackerfantastic @raptor not to provoke a war, but if you haven’t - check out Doom Emacs. I use my own emacs config, but Doom is pretty full featured and well configured out of the box, with bindings for VIMmers as default

@x30n @hackerfantastic thanks for the hint! Never been an Emacs guy myself, but @anticomputer’s posts on Emacs never fail to amaze me. He does some ninja shit indeed. Tempted to try it but I feel like I’m too old for a change as big as this one 😅 (/me refrains from posting obligatory #xkcd comic on editors)

@raptor @hackerfantastic @anticomputer yeah, Bas is a 🥷. I like stalking his GitHub to find interesting emacs packages. 😋

I’ve used emacs for a long time, so it’s definitely my go to as far as muscle memory, but Doom seems like it would be a pretty good starter pack coming from vim. Especially if you’re looking for something that looks nice and has a bunch of things like LSP already working out of the box

@x30n @raptor @anticomputer this looks like an onboarding ramp to cyber delinquency... Emacs is an operating system, not a text editor ;-) I cannot be converted to Emacs over Vim in the war, nano has a better chance of survival. I appreciate the link shares though.

@hackerfantastic @raptor @anticomputer fair 😊

In fairness, Emacs is a lisp machine with an OS built on top 😜

@hackerfantastic You may have considered it already but I haven't seen mentioned yet. Maybe that would fit in the space that atom leaves?

@y8s thanks this looks very interesting indeed. Never heard of it until now.

@hackerfantastic It's a +1 from me for VS Code too. You can run it lean if necessary. But I have it open all day long, with many plugins and it is as swift to open files as Notepad++ (slower from a standing start of course). Definitely one of the best products ever to come from Redmond.

Nothing open source and cross platform comes close, IMHO (other than Atom). But for something completely different, you could try SciTE?

@hackerfantastic VSCode is really not that have - and is incredible “our of the box” - but I prefer Vim, and have switched to NeoVIM. It’s not GUI but incredibly lean with its builtin Lua support

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