I moved from gVim to Atom as a cross-platform text editor a few years ago, have just learned that they are "sunsetting" the editor. I am a big fan of VSCode and Visual Studio in general, XCode on MacOS but these are more fully-featured IDE's. What text editors will run on Windows, Linux and MacOS that offered the same flexibility as Atom? Seeking recommendations before I just go back to GTK+Vim and die a little inside. More info on the sunset for Atom 😢 github.blog/2022-06-08-sunsett

@hackerfantastic vscode without extensions is just a text editor tho

I’m surprised that doesn’t scratch the itch


@xyhhx I love VSCode and it definitely hits the spot for many purposes, but for just simple note taking and general editing of a text file, it's not my first choice - have been using Atom for that purpose.

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@hackerfantastic @xyhhx Ahhh. For general note taking, it's Obsidian all the way. I have it synced via OneDrive and use it on my phone and all computers. Great if you're already familiar with Markdown, but not difficult to pick up anyway.


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