I moved from gVim to Atom as a cross-platform text editor a few years ago, have just learned that they are "sunsetting" the editor. I am a big fan of VSCode and Visual Studio in general, XCode on MacOS but these are more fully-featured IDE's. What text editors will run on Windows, Linux and MacOS that offered the same flexibility as Atom? Seeking recommendations before I just go back to GTK+Vim and die a little inside. More info on the sunset for Atom 😢 github.blog/2022-06-08-sunsett

@hackerfantastic +1 for Sublime Text (but for coding and code reviews I personally use vim or VS Code)

@raptor Vim and VS Code are the path I will be taking, I just hoped there was something !Sublime to replace Atom available. What a shame that they are sunsetting the editor.

@hackerfantastic @raptor not to provoke a war, but if you haven’t - check out Doom Emacs. I use my own emacs config, but Doom is pretty full featured and well configured out of the box, with bindings for VIMmers as default

@x30n @hackerfantastic thanks for the hint! Never been an Emacs guy myself, but @anticomputer’s posts on Emacs never fail to amaze me. He does some ninja shit indeed. Tempted to try it but I feel like I’m too old for a change as big as this one 😅 (/me refrains from posting obligatory #xkcd comic on editors)

@raptor @hackerfantastic @anticomputer yeah, Bas is a 🥷. I like stalking his GitHub to find interesting emacs packages. 😋

I’ve used emacs for a long time, so it’s definitely my go to as far as muscle memory, but Doom seems like it would be a pretty good starter pack coming from vim. Especially if you’re looking for something that looks nice and has a bunch of things like LSP already working out of the box


@x30n @raptor @anticomputer this looks like an onboarding ramp to cyber delinquency... Emacs is an operating system, not a text editor ;-) I cannot be converted to Emacs over Vim in the war, nano has a better chance of survival. I appreciate the link shares though.

@hackerfantastic @raptor @anticomputer fair 😊

In fairness, Emacs is a lisp machine with an OS built on top 😜

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