If you are concerned about government agencies like CERT or CISA being on the fediverse, then I have some *shocking* news for you. 3-letter agencies and the military industrial complex have long since played a secret hand in the creation of decentralized, federated, social network services and anonymity technology. Those you fear have always been here and blocking instances hosting public relations accounts won't hide you or reduce your risks. Mastodon exposes the infosec/hacker divide on topic.

@shad0wbits some of these people will only lift the veil and awaken when it's too late for them anyway. Interestingly - those who are opposed probably drew more unwanted attention to themselves by vocalizing their objection to CISA / CERT. No smoke without fire an investigator might say.

@hackerfantastic C'mon, people. DOD created the internet. You think they ever left? My first email address ended with

@hackerfantastic That's why I simply use TOR to access everything. It's not like the Navy or any other government agencies had anything to do with that one.

@hackerfantastic So you think everyone who has a problem with this is just ignorant? You don’t think it’s possible that people know this and still don’t want those agencies welcomed into these spaces with open arms?

@arcatech Don't ever presume to tell me what to think - nor assume that you know what I think. You do not - instead try to read what I actually wrote instead of projecting what you think I wrote into a conversation.

@hackerfantastic @arcatech Seems like you're the one presuming that those opposed to welcoming feds have no idea about the history of the internet... 🤔 your comment was read as intended, there is little room for interpretation. Your argument is the equivalent to "You dont like capitalism yet use an iphone and own a house?!?"
We are allowed to want something better while understanding the limitations of our current situation/existing. Also jfc chill tf out

@hackerfantastic @arcatech you are saying that because it is difficult to spot feds/they are already, that it is useless to ban feds signing up... You realize complete endorsement is a different thing? You also realize how allowing actual fascist dipshits to roam free and be accepted is a bad thing?
IMO I think this really reveals the normal/dumbass divide on the topic! lmfao

The government SHOULD be here. They are on the bird site, but that is likely to become unstable due to all the layoffs, and Elon broke the verification process by selling blue checkmarks for $8. It makes sense that they should move here, for the same reasons everyone else is.

They should probably be on their own servers, so we don't have random people claiming to speak for government agencies.

@andytiedye I'm ok with CISA showing poor risk assessment skills by handing it's data over to relatively unknown parties and volunteer admins on an instance they don't control ;-) if the government wants to get 0wn3d they have just as much right to be as anyone else stepping incorrect to the cyber.

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