Grrr spent the day hacking around and found some new UAC bypasses but they are patched in Windows 11 due to a change in a manifest but still impact Windows 10 and Windows 10 only. Other older versions may be impacted if another Microsoft product is installed but default on Windows 10. Release them or no interest?

@hackerfantastic come on, now. Outdated Windows is as ubiquitous as… gosh I’m failing to find a good comparison. There’s gonna be a lot so give us the bypasses!

@YourAnonNews I probably will release, just feels less worth the time to write up as it impacts only Windows 10.

@jernej__s is obviously still in use but the actual root cause of the problem is fixed through a manifest file change. I'll probably share it as it has no commercial value to us. My material is always working on the latest versions, Win11 and 2022. I love writing exploits for all versions but realistically few care about my NT4-2003 0days as they are just academic exercises and for sport. Markets for this stuff only care for the latest and greatest of any platform.

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