Is there a website that tracks changes to specific windows files and provides the patch level that the change occurred in? I am trying to locate when a specific component was changed under the Windows %SystemRoot% - trial and error says "sometime between 8 / 10" but I would like to know when something was patched.

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@hackerfantastic I made a tool that takes folders of executables and compares just the section data (not resources), if that helps:

@hackerfantastic Other than that, I guess specific changes in windows builds (not updates) are in betawiki's scope. It depends on people finding them and documenting them though!

@hackerfantastic in that case, I obvously parsed your request wrong, otherwise I would have pointed you at winbindex :)

@Rairii I don't even know how I forgot about it, I was just looking to track a change to a binary over a few versions. You will see why when I drop the thing later.

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