Chrome 0day has been in the wild for a day and is still not patched on all versions, requires pairing with a Sandbox escape to be a fully weaponized exploit. PoC code can be used to execute code on multiple latest updated Chrome across several platforms when run with --no-sandbox to simulate the sandbox escape component. Impressive work.

I'm really pleased to see that the BBS networks have stayed strong. There's still 1000's of boards online and plenty of interesting mods and doors. I am attempting something new with MysticBBS. I am adding Torrent support to the BBS so that it will function as a Torrent tracker to allow file sharing directly amongst HPVC enthusiasts through the board.

The website connected to the Verkada hacker is displaying a US DoJ seized notice. The website previously hosted large numbers of leaked source code repositories, which were obtained through default credentials and misconfigurations of gitlab & sonarqube instances.

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