Welcome to all the new Mastodon users! Do not worry, Elon Musk cannot hurt you here! ;-)

"If writing on walls with lasers changed anything it would be illegal... which is why it is" said the vandal smugly to his mates.

@mr64bit There is a playable demo and some other information available, I believe the team are releasing it to major gaming platforms very soon!

Have you heard of Off-Grid the game? It's an awesome hackable hacktivist inspired video game which features me as a NPC! Learn more about the game at www.offgridthegame.com

piracy levels are 100% and rising

(100%) β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β– 

@whonose123 @feonixrift It's ok, the toot was picked up by our self-aware robotic helpers and drones providing crucial air and ground support to my location. ;)

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