Google Chrome Version 90.0.4430.72 (Official Build) (64-bit) fixes the Chrome 0day (tested against Windows/x64) that was released into the Wild over the last few days. Update your Chrome if that's your gopher utility of choice ;-)

@requiem set's a legal precedent that America can remotely login to French computers and erase evidence of Chinese hacking attacks, without any care for lawful retention in the European Union or anywhere for that matter. America was always going to enforce a government backed "hack back" movement which is why the people need to campaign for their cyber 2nd amendment rights to also use "hack back" as a deterrent to government tyranny.

Chrome 0day has been in the wild for a day and is still not patched on all versions, requires pairing with a Sandbox escape to be a fully weaponized exploit. PoC code can be used to execute code on multiple latest updated Chrome across several platforms when run with --no-sandbox to simulate the sandbox escape component. Impressive work.

@Linux_in_a_Bit stuck at home? why not take a fantasy time travel back to 1994 and visit all of BBSLand! \o/ drop by in a web browser for uHF BBS (ssh also supported!)

I'm really pleased to see that the BBS networks have stayed strong. There's still 1000's of boards online and plenty of interesting mods and doors. I am attempting something new with MysticBBS. I am adding Torrent support to the BBS so that it will function as a Torrent tracker to allow file sharing directly amongst HPVC enthusiasts through the board.

@stern any user / password to access and port 2222 on - you may need to set -c aes256-cbc depending on your client. For the best experiences, it's recommended to try SyncTERM, Netrunner or a similar ANSI supporting terminal.

@ReverendLinc thanks! I am glad you stopped by my BBS! I am working on bringing some HPVC content back to make the infosec great again. The BBS will function as a discussion forum with an old school feel and we also have a Matrix chat which is open to all.

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