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This Thursday, join Guardian Project to talk about browsing the web securely on iOS with Onion Browser.

The Matrix redaction being a client-side feature is actually documented by the project. Worth remembering that what you say on the Matrix, stays on the Matrix .... FOREVER! discussed this with the devs and they have indicated that they are only un-redacted from your client cache. Providing you received the messages initially then you can always un-redact them by not honoring it in your client. Server won't transmit them to newly connected clients and GC's after 7days.

I just discovered that "deleted" messages on Matrix are not actually ever deleted. They are "redacted" in the client through a server-side message which you can patch from the client.

"redacted_because": {
"type": "",


75: /if evt.Unsigned.RedactedBecause != nil || evt.Type == event.EventRedaction {
76: return NewRedactedMessage(evt, displayname)
77- }/

By commenting out the redaction in the client side, deleted messages become visible again :)

The only real issue with the Uniden SDS200 is that even though it has apps for Android/ iOS, it doesn’t seem to work with headphones only the phones loudspeaker. Annoying as I like falling asleep to radio chatter but I have to use the units audio jack for that. I’m still hoping that this CPU debug port will turn out to give complex baseband samples directly so a GNU/Radio driver can be written for the SDS200. Having it work as a general purpose SDR is definitely a hacking goal milestone.

Uniden SDS200 is still by far the best radio scanner I have ever used, it can stream through my LAN and supports most common data modes. It even has mobile apps that you can use to mirror & control the radio settings. There is a little bit of a lag in the received audio->LAN->WiFi->mobile path yet the audio quality is excellent. The network analyzer utility is something I have never seen in any other commercial units. It automagically harvests talkgroups via P25 simulcast control freq.

You can enter submissions until 2020-07-04 23:59 (Europe/Luxembourg) for the hack lu CFP (now a book idea)

I’ve created an open chatroom on Matrix, - a frat house for cyber security, hacking, exploitation, reverse engineering and privacy tools. Topics may also include beer drinking and general posting. All are welcome, due to content I request participants are 18+ only.

Ordered some nerdy stickers from red bubble, the geek equivalent of prison tattoos...

@thegibson I am using the blockchain blocklist (at least all the active sites and historic ones in some categories) plus what I could see from other instances that made sense. It seemed to be that many block lists had several servers recurring across them. I have a 0 tolerance policy on some subjects so will immediately block entire servers for a single bad users behavior. I was surprised at just how many sites I needed to block, think it should be included in the default install.

Running your own mastodon instance is great, however it took a bit of work to realize that block lists are absolutely essential as there are many malicious instances out there which don't agree to any kind of community guidelines. I found only one instance so far accused of attempting to serve exploits onto the federated timelines. I like the decentralized nature of this platform but it comes with a price for moderation. I won't permit Tor hidden services onto my federated timeline at all.

Pinebook Pro is still by far my favorite Linux device, I set it up with Mastodon (telephant) & Matrix (gomuks) in the hopes that I’ll be more productive moving from Twitter and post content more effectively. Both are golang clients, had issues with NodeJS/Electrum on aarch64. I’m really enjoying Manjaro Linux, this definitely feels more comfortable for microblogging.

I have made the move over to Mastodon and Matrix for my social networking and chats. The technology offers much improvements over Twitter and IRC. Mastodon offers me a more suitable platform as a content creator for cyber security content that is censorship resistant. I'm hosting both instances out of Iceland. All of the really cool tech stuff I like to use has a presence on Matrix, so the move was an easy decision to make.


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