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It is done. Over 550 pages on how professional hackers target and breach computer networks. This is a body of work culminated from several decades of experience breaching computer systems. The book is an interactive tutorial which comes with several labs for practicing the skills taught. It serves as both a teaching aid and a reference guide. It's my hope that this book is used to improve networks and computer security. We hold no punches and teach precisely how hack attacks work. Happy hacking!

Thanks to the work of Samuel Holland, crust advanced power management is now capable of running the #PinePhone for 100hrs in idle without the modem (approximately 110mW). With modem on, we should get 40% battery run-time increase (to approx 24 hrs).
Coming to your distro of choice soon!

Welcome to the dark side! #PinePhone with dark themes is looking fantastic utilizing #phosh on #manjaro. Get it when it is available!

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21 years ago, BO2K was released at DefCon.

The enterprise remote access solution of champions is now old enough to drink.

If you missed the live stream, we had a little WebSocket chat via Site.js running on a $150 PinePhone. You can watch the recording here:

#SmallWeb #SmallTech #SiteJS #PinePhone #WebSocket #NodeJS #ARM64

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Samuel Holland, recently implemented some further power saving measures for deep sleep implementation of the #PinePhone in #crust by shutting down the main oscillator. We might get up to 100h standby out ouf this ...

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There should be a support group for people with Linux dependency issues. 😂

TIL; You can use Wayland screen scaling to fit practically any Linux application on the Pinephone screen, instructions are same as Librem 5. - check out Wireshark & Electrum BTC wallet running much like they would on a desktop, except on your phone 😳

We enabled scale-to-fit in #phoc on @ManjaroLinuxARM #phosh edition. Simply update your system. Issue 'scale-to-fit app on' by replacing 'app' with your desired application.

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The @PINE64 pinephone UB ports edition last batch is being sold now through their store. This is your last chance to pickup the 1.2 hardware before the next batch of devices come out which will be a PostmarketOS edition.

Pinephone running Mobian has been my main use daily driver phone for few days now, it’s night and day different to use now to when it first arrived. I’ve been able to get SMS & phone calls, it has a great media player for mp3 and DivX, this wasn’t the case at first and it became a WiFi toy, not really useful out of the house. I’ve never succeeded in getting the camera to work yet tho. I still can’t believe the rapid progress being made on the OS’s, it’s almost daily milestones now.

Ditched the Trezor One wallet I’ve been using for the last few years, moved over to using coldcard wallet, it’s much more secure for storing Bitcoin. I really liked how the Trezor showed you amounts in USD tho. I also can’t help feel that these opendimes in a little metal canister speak to the audience of these products. I’ve been meaning to try this wallet out since it was launched, works great with Electrum & friends.

Watched the first season of "Secrets of Skinwalker Ranch". Loved every minute of it. Great show if you enjoy UFO's. They used the RF Explorer spectrum analyzer, decent little RF instrument.

In an amicus brief filed today on behalf of leading computer security researchers, EFF asked the Supreme Court to make clear that violating terms of service isn't a crime under the CFAA

Added Jitsi to matrix instance, very impressed. The room now supports video & voice for riot web clients 🙂

Last month, members of CCC testified in German parliament about the importance of anonymity tools in technopolitics: "Encryption & anonymization services such as Tor are fundamental for secure communication & protection of information from unauthorized access. For people affected by repression or surveillance, it's essential that encryption methods and anonymization services are neither weakened nor provided with backdoors."

Read the full statement here:

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