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This years DEFCON badge was a nice idea, still don’t have any kind of tape player tho. I tried baudline & multimon-ng on the flac and looked like the audio has encoded data signals. Didn’t get far into solving it. I also had a lot of fun getting WeeChat to work on my pinebook again after reinstalling Manjaro to the NVMe. Great music & talks to sift through in the torrent, ATM talk easily a highlight for me.

The nintendo gigaleaks is everything I ever wanted as a kid. There is so much cool ROM's and debug data, I've never played through some of the games so I'm doing them some justice with emulators on my pinebook which handled SNES, NES & Gameboys but N64 isn't very playable. snes9x-gtk works best and higan & bsnes-plus both work just with some lag. I could hack around in Yoshi's Island & Zelda for hours. This leak is phenomenonall!

Awesome, playing yos_edit.bin - a debug build of Yoshi's World on the SNES which leaked recently. Use controller 2 to trigger different debugs when loading from different file slots (1 normal 2 cheat mode or 3 complete). Collision detection can be switched off to freely move the character around in levels using UP+L+R and hitting L+R on controller 2 on the world map will complete the game and give you end credits. start+select completes the current level. A,B,X & Y toggle gFX on & off. Love it.

I setup a PeerTube instance, you can now follow my video uploads directly on Mastodon! or visit

In Other BSDs for 2020/08/08

Fun variety this week.

FreeBSD 11.4-RELEASE Now Available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace.
2.11BSD Missing Patches.
Ultra Hat Dimension - PlayOnBSD.  Mostly linking because of the name.
Valuable News – 2020/08/03.
BSD Gaming is Improving – Proton on FreeBSD.  (via)
A BSD phone lives!   Sorta.
BSD Router Project 1.97.  (via)
FSF’s Free Software Gang almost included FreeBSD.

4th attempt at a #pinephone backplate is printing now. Just realized I forgot to design any kind of battery cover. Doh.

Exim >= 4.87 & <= 4.91 cve-2019-10149 local root exploit, I really loved this bug in Exim. It's the little LPE that just keeps on giving.

How Librem 5 Solves NSA's Warning About Cellphone Location Data

"We have been thinking about the danger of location data on cellphones for a long time at Purism..."


Original article:

#privacy #security #freedom

Ledger App Isolation Bypass, due to supporting multiple altcoins the Ledger's can be used to confirm Bitcoin transactions when unlocking Litecoin etc. - the coldcard wallets are not impacted by this issue.

Heres a collection of interesting IoT botnet samples and malware seen in the wild user: malware password: infected from my collection.

Anarchist Hacker village TOUR for those who can't join! it keeps changing by the minute! people keep adding their collective information and talks

Pentagon states they recovered an "off world vehicle" with insides "not designed for human occupants" and it barely makes the news, 2020 in a nutshell.

Manjaro Linux on pinephone is amazing, running it on my pinebook and phone gives me feels. Everything works, camera, calls, sms, lte etc. seems more stable than mobian so far, sticking with this OS.

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