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Hands On Hacking from Wiley is still 30% off using code HOH30 - - We've already started shipping the books ahead of schedule to US, UK will be shipping soon! Happy Hacking :htp:

Power only microUSB, it's always nice to find a microcontroller that is sitting away from lifes biohazards.

Motorola T800, 462Mhz-467Mhz FRS/GMRS license-free 400mW 2-Way radio with BTLE enabled modem. JTAG port identification and disassembly process.

BladeRF xa4, running with a LNA/power amp. Setup on the 2m/70cm bands to assess local radio data. This SDR is the best choice on the market for pros, the FPGA is large enough for most common DSP and standalone demodulators you would need. The ADC gives a nice 12bit resolution and 2x2 MIMO for multi-path propagation. Thanks to the pinebook having a USB3 port, it works perfectly with gnuradio giving you two independent tx/rx chains at 60Mhz wide. I’ve used most SDR’s, it performs as good as USRP.

Standing wave from a mismatched antenna sending voltage back towards the ADC on a SDR, produced this weird waterfall glitch from the returned energy. Looks very pretty but probably harmful to the radio. :))

What's this? An Oprah Winfrey book club sticker on our Hands-On Hacking book from friends Wiley? No, but heres 30% off pre-orders of the print edition shipping at the end of the month! Use code HOH30 on checkout. eBook available now.

Some of the #BornHack participants brought a warmed up Tor relay and configured it as an exit node on our network! Welcome to the tent floor exit node!

I made this demo video for a tool I've been working on to simulate APT attacker behavior for our clients. I used a LuaJIT VM to bring a modern evasive scriptable implant capability to x86/x64 Windows systems with a full GUI written in C++/MFC/ASM & Lua. Enjoy the audio & demo.

I love that my work ended up in the github Arctic Code Vault. I just noticed that this had been added today to our company profile.

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