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Vyacheslav “Tank” Penchukov, the accused 40-year-old Ukrainian leader of a prolific cybercriminal group that stole tens of millions of dollars from small to mid-sized businesses in the United States and Europe, has been arrested in Switzerland, according to multiple sources.

Brett Johnson, AKA Gollumfun was involved with the websites Counterfeit Library and Shadow Crew. He tells his story of what happened there and some of the crimes he committed.

Hidden gem in the paper just shared by @vanhoefm

A single frame can wake up (from power saving) all devices on a network and get them to respond with their real, not randomized MAC address. A beacon management frame with the Traffic Indication Bitmap (TIM) set to FF for all devices.

A suspected Chinese state-sponsored actor breached a digital certificate authority as well as government and defense agencies in several Asian countries.

#infosec #cybersecurity #hacking #malware

iMessage on an iPhone with lockdown mode is the most secure mobile messenger if you care about software exploitation.

It's purely due to the inclusion of PAC. It's not widely discussed but apps downloaded from the app store do not support PAC. Signal, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc all have the memory safety guarantees of Android!

It’s really rough around the edges, but it kind-of works! I’ll post more later about the challenges I’ve run into so far. But I really did toot from System 7, using MacPython. #retrocomputing #retroprogramming #retromac #68k

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Remember my #Mastodon Cyberdeck?
Well, here is another Mastodon client: DOStodon.
A Mastodon client for #MSDOS implemented in #JavaScript!

New in #Metasploit this week: A module to query LDAP servers for vulnerable AD CS certificate templates, SSL scanner improvements, smaller #Python payloads, and a new post module that reverse-resolves an IP address or range to hostnames.

Many thanks to our contributors!

Now that the dust is settling, here's an #introduction. I'm a filmmaker, actor, and EM-Twitter rejecter.

I love the gentler, non-algorithmic nature of this community, and in keeping with that, I won't use this account for self-promo. You can find my projects on other platforms (which I seldom use) or my own site, all here:

The #fediverse is an opportunity to build a community as robust as Twitter without the histrionics and clickbait toxicity. Let's do that!

Decentralized niche interest groups allowed for a more intimate experience and instead of clout chasing allowed people to form genuine relationships with people who shared a similar interest. By centralizing a broad discipline like "infosec" under a single-instance, you're all missing the entire purpose of having a decentralized service that caters to your entirely unique interest groups. Running an instance for an interest you have with friends will give you the best experience of the platform.

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Mastodon gaining new users is great - remember this isn't Twitter. The platform has been popular with technologists, open-source advocates & hackers due to it being a space to discuss your weird niche interests. I openly talk about some research here, post tech oddities and general fun. As "infosec" is broad discipline, congregating on a single instance is counter to what the platform is. I encourage you to consider decentralizing and creating instances relevant to your niche interest groups.

How come corporations are allowed to leak their data onto the Internet without reprisal, yet when you help leak their data it’s a crime? ​:htp:

I added another target, Solaris 11 11/11 11.0 Sun_SSH_2.0 x86, to my PoC and discovered the execve() call has been replaced with a new execvex() that breaks all other shellcodes on 11.0 & up. It's relatively easy to fix as execvex() takes a flags argument now which can be set to NULL and it will work as before, this breaks all known public x86 shellcodes for Solaris 11 though so I will have to write a bind shell, put a basic execve() to demonstrate in the PoC.

I learnt a very fascinating thing, on Solaris if you call mprotect() it doesn’t care about the size argument, it’ll error but still map the available pages with the access requested. So you can do mprotect(0x08043000,0x41424344,0x7); and the stack will be rwx even tho the function errors. This is glorious.

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